At Eagle Fluid Power, we thrive on transforming concepts into tangible solutions. Our design expertise bridges imagination and engineering, breathing life into innovation. Whether you’re envisioning a custom hydraulic system, retrofitting existing components, or seeking groundbreaking solutions, our team is your compass. Call us and let's get you started in the right direction today!

Product Highlights

Explosion-Proof Power Unit

In the demanding context of a steel foundry, our team faced a formidable challenge: ensuring the precise control of gate valves for handling highly reactive magnesium. Recognizing the critical nature of this application, we embarked on engineering an explosion-proof hydraulic system. With unwavering resolve, we integrated specialized accumulators to safeguard against power loss—ensuring that even in adversity, the gate would swiftly close, preventing any potential catastrophe

Leaf Spring Press

In the fast-paced world of manufacturing, where time can make or break a company, our client urgently sought a top-tier hydraulic press. Their goal? Accelerate production while maintaining precision—all within a specific budget. Eagle Fluid Power delivered: three 50-ton presses, a power unit, and a 3-second cycle time. The result? Record-breaking production speeds.